Garry caters to throwers of all levels and at all times of the year. After coaching successfully in Australia  Garry spent 20 challenging months in New Jersey working with East Coast javelin throwers in all types of weather 7 days per week. The move to Phoenix, Arizona allows throwers to train 12 months of the year uninterrupted and have access to elite coaching. Garry is available for all throwers when the weather in their home state doesn’t allow throwing and training outside. It’s simple, if you would like to make significant gains in your throwing, take a direct flight to Phoenix to have your throwing corrected. Finally you have an answer to your problems. Click the link below that best fits your throwing level.
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Coaching - Throws & Track 
If you are an athlete or sports person looking for coaching in any of the throwing events, sprinting or running, jumping events, decathlon/heptathlon  contact us by phone or email. Garry has coached all track and field events and guided athletes to success on the state, national and international level.
 Discus - Julie Bennell Silver medallist World Youth Championships Moncton, Canada
 Discus - Vlad Slavnic 62.42m (204’) Victoria (Australia) State Champion (later did 64.10m 210’)
 Shot Put - Phil Nettle 18.52m (60’8”) Australian Shot Put and Discus Champion
 Shot Put - Helen Toussis 16.22m (53’6”) Australian Shot Put Champion
 800m - Bronwyn Fleming 2.01.36 Australian Champion
 Long Jump - Michael Morgan  7.92m (25’10”)
 5k /10k -  Lisa Searle World Cross Country Championships & Ekiden Relays
 Duathlon -  Lisa Searle 9th place World Championships Dallas,Texas
 Track Cycling - John Kennedy World Record Holder 200m track. Strength conditioning/power

Coaching - Running Technique, Agility, Power
Running Technique- Garry conducts sessions on running technique for sprinting, middle and long distance. These sessions comprise a specifically designed running drill program that teaches athletes the correct biomechanical way of running. By completing these technical sessions athletes learn to run more efficiently and relaxed while running with more effort.
Agility & Power- Garry conducts full weight training sessions including strength training, olympic/power lifting, and agility programs which enhance athleticism.

Online Coaching Option
At Javelincoaching.com we provide many services and resources to provide athletes with as many answers as possible to the problems that occur during training and competition. If you are not able to come to our training sessions we have made available elite coaching solutions in the form of online coaching.

This is provided in the following ways:
 Your PERSONAL ONLINE COACH who will be there weekly correcting any problem you may have. 
 This is simply done through email.
 Video analysis of your throwing and drills 
 Weekly training programs provided
 Strength and Conditioning (weight training) programs

For enquiries on the costs and details of any of our ONLINE COACHING solutions contact info@javelincoaching.com.
Coaching - Javelin

Email: Info@javelincoaching.com   Phone: (908) 675-5936    Location: Phoenix, Arizona, USA