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In high school and college I threw the javelin with very limited technical coaching. While I did have some success in the event at both levels I never was able to understand or execute basic javelin positions. While some of the coaches I worked with could visually see the difference between my throwing and top throwers in the country no one was able to break down the throw from a technical aspect. After college I continued to compete under a talented strength and conditioning coach which helped me jump to another level of throwing but I was still lacking technique. After competing in the Olympic Trials in 2008 I decided that it was time to give it up since I did not have the resources to work with a coach in the Tri-State area. I found it hard to give up on something I knew that I never came near my potential. In 2010 I discovered that there was a new javelin coach that had moved to New Jersey and was training with a small group of throwers. Once I looked up the name, I jumped at the opportunity and from the first session I was confident that I had finally found the missing piece to my puzzle. Garry’s understanding of the sport was exactly what I was looking for and everything he explained made perfect sense to me. I was so happy with his ability to coach me that I decided to move to his location and take part of his intensive training program. The methodology behind Garry’s coaching closely matches that of the top World ranked throwers. His vast knowledge and passion for the sport makes it an extremely worthy program that I am fortunate to take part of and I hope to carry it on to other struggling javelin throwers in the future. I look forward to advancing to the highest level of my potential with the continued elite level of coaching Garry provides.

Grace Zollman

2012 Olympic Hopeful   

November 2011

Garry Calvert has a passion to take every javelin thrower he works with to the next level!  I reached out to Garry a little over a year ago; I was drawn to his extensive understanding of the javelin technique and his ability to articulate that technique.  I have struggled with injury over the last couple of years, however, I have been studying Garry's interpretation of the javelin throw and feel very confident in some PRs once I am healthy. Furthermore, Garry possesses an understanding of efficiency in human movement which carries over into his approach to coaching the javelin.  I am so thankful that Garry has taken an interest in my javelin career and am blessed to have him on my side as a key technical adviser and one of my coaches. 

Dana M. Lyon, Capt USAF

WCAP Athlete, Javelin Throw

4860 Seton Pl, CoS, CO 80918    July 2011

In 2009, after establishing a relationship with Coach Garry Calvert via emails, I decided to travel to Australia to experience his coaching style first hand.  During the time I was there training with him, I realized that he was the coach that I wanted to work with.  There were several things that played into that decision.  First, Coach Calvert is the best technical coach I have ever worked with.  Although he can coach all of the throws at a very high level, since he was a world-class javelin thrower himself that is really his specialty. I am a very visual learner and he has a “hands on” style of coaching and can demonstrate the techniques that he is trying to get me to grasp onto, therefore, his coaching style fits me perfectly.  Second, in a short period of time, I could tell that he would not only make me a better javelin thrower, but a better athlete in general.  I played football as well as threw the javelin in college; so much of my training had been as a football player.  Coach Calvert’s program design allowed me to become more athletic and move more like a track and field athlete.  Third, Coach Calvert has very high expectations of his athletes and expects them to always work hard and strive to be the best they can be.  I share this mentality with him, so I strive to work as hard and I can and he brings that out in me.  Coach Calvert encompasses all of the components necessary to be a great coach and to get greatness out of his athletes.

Bobby Smith

2008 Olympic Trials winner

New Jersey USA   September 2011

I had a fairly successful javelin career in high school (151 ft), so I was expecting vast improvements over the my 4 years at Rutgers University. My freshman year in 2001 I threw a personal best of 161ft and made the US Junior Team. I thought I would improve by leaps and bounds over the course of the next 3 years, but that sadly did not happen. I stagnated and never threw any further. In my heart I knew that I could throw further but could not understand why no improvement had taken place in 3 three years. After graduating in 2004 I went onto graduate school and decided to give up throwing. I started working a full time job in 2006 and was able to coach the throwing events for a local high school track team. I would often ask myself if 161 ft was the furthest I could throw the javelin, but for whatever reason that didn’t sit well with me. Fast forward to April 2010, I was coaching at a meet, reflecting on my athletic career, and thought to myself, I can throw further. From that point I reached out to a friend who informed that a great coach by the name of Garry Calvert was living and coaching right in New Jersey.  I reached out to him and we started a dialogue, next thing you know I drove down to Monmouth University for a training session. Spring 2011 was my first season competing in 7 years and I’m proud to say that I threw a personal best of 52.12m (171 ft) and made my first USATF National Championships as an open athlete. Garry Calvert is by far the best coach I have ever worked with. His knowledge and coaching abilities are on an elite level. He can explain javelin the way no other coach can. His execution and knowledge of strength and condition programs as well as what it physically and mentally takes for an athlete to compete at the top level is world class. If you’re looking to become the best thrower that you can be, then Garry Calvert is your answer.

Jen Austin

2012 Olympic Hopeful   

November 2011

It was the 2010 Penn Relays when I first realized that I had potential in the sport of javelin throwing. I was in my Junior Year of High School.  My high school coach, Bridget Amir, did a wonderful job of introducing me to the event.  She has stood by my side and provided me with training throughout my high school years; but, I really needed another person's input. Fortunately, my parents searched the Internet for javelin coaches and discovered Garry Calvert. 


When we first met Coach Garry, I was a bit reluctant to commit to another schedule of training because I was somewhat overwhelmed with the schedule I already had.  At that time, I was on a Traveling Volleyball team that practiced 3 days a week and had all-day tournaments on the weekends in addition to my Spring High School Track schedule.  Nonetheless, I knew it was important for me to get another opinion on my javelin technique.  When my father and I first went down to Monmouth University, Long Branch NJ for an evaluation session, my first impression of Coach Garry was: Wow, he is tall, but I wish I fully understood his Australian accent. As time passed however, I realized that he was a very nice person who really understands and loves this sport.  In fact, what made Coach Garry stand out among the rest of coaches is the fact that he really knows how to coach different type of athletes depending on their type of learning style, their strengths, and their mindset.   At my first session, Coach Garry taught me a lot about the javelin and the aerodynamics of the sport while he threw in a couple of jokes to make what he was saying even more interesting.   From that first session, I learned how to hold the javelin correctly.  We actually worked on that simple aspect for quite a while. Amazingly, at my next meet, I had a better understanding of what I was doing and I felt more comfortable.  From one session with Coach Garry, I threw a personal best of 131 feet, due mainly to changing the way I held the jav. Before that session, my best throw was 129 feet, which I did twice, but I was never able to achieve that distance consistently.  After hitting 131 feet and feeling comfortable with the approach, I knew I had the correct coach - a person who could guide me to the next level of javelin competition.


After that meet, I continued to train with Coach Garry and he continued to get me to analyze my technique.  We analyzed every aspect of the throw, basically starting anew so that I could develop good throwing habits.  At the conclusion of my junior year after having sessions with Coach Garry, one to two times a week, my personal best of 131 feet improved to 145 feet at the New Balance National Meet where I placed 4th, deeming me an All-American. In my senior year, my personal best improved from 145'-4" to 154'-11" feet at New Jersey's Meet of Champions where I broke a meet record.  Prior to the 2011 Meet of Champs, I threw: 148'-0" to break the Essex County Championship Record; 154'-5" to break the Group IV, Section I Championship Record; and 143'-3" to break the Group IV Championship Meet Record. 


Not only is Coach Garry a world class javelin coach, he is always open to learning more about the sport from other experts.  He is open-minded, flexible, and very accommodating.  Many times, he drove to Northern NJ because it was important to him to make sure we trained.  In the two years I have worked with Coach Garry, I can sincerely say that he genuinely cares for his athletes.  He is a down-to-earth person who always tells the truth about the way he sees your approach or throw, yet he does it in an encouraging manner.  He has always encouraged me to do my best.  He wants to see more athletes become accomplished in the sport of javelin throwing; and is always willing to develop strategies for competing in college.  


The one thing that I cherish the most from Coach Garry is the fact that he has always been there for me.  The relationship I have with him is one I wish all athletes could have.  I think it makes a big difference when you have a coach who understands you.  Our relationship has helped me in many ways even beyond throwing the javelin.  I never knew hat throwing a long, colored, spear-looking object would help make me into the person that I am today.

Nia Barnes

University of Alabama

Two years ago when Jennifer Austin first approached me to have her personal coach, Garry Calvert, come to Garfield High School and work with my girls, I jumped at the opportunity to make it happen. Jennifer is a fellow alumna of both Garfield High and Rutgers University and at the time, was a fellow coach. Needless to say, I am more than grateful for her to have brought Coach Calvert on board with us. That year, Coach Calvert helped our girls achieve their goals not only in the Javelin, but in the Shot Put and Discus as well. He was phenomenal in teaching our girls both the glide and the spin techniques and worked on getting them as comfortable as they could be in the circle. He also taught them how to warm up the way the professionals warm up, something that my girls still try to practice, 2 years later. 

One particular athlete of mine, Shauntierah Douglas, really worked closely with Coach Calvert and improved tremendously from his coaching. Her best throw in the Javelin went from 127’11 as a sophomore to 145’3 as a junior. That year she finished 2nd in our county, 3rd in the state of New Jersey and 7th in the nation at the New Balance National meet. In October of her senior year, Coach Calvert took the time to send a personalized workout for Shauntierah to follow to help get her strong for her upcoming senior year campaign. Shauntierah flourished from the program and was 4th at the Penn Relays, 1st and undefeated in Bergen County, 1st in the New Jersey State Meet of Champions and she took 1st place and earned All-American status at the New Balance National meet. Ultimately, she improved her throw nearly 23 feet to 150’5” and none of her accolades would have been possible without Coach Calvert’s technical expertise and personalized coaching and guidance.

Over the summer Coach Calvert would drive for over an hour pick Shauntierah up from her home and take her to javelin training train for hours on technique and then drive her home.  Even though he relocated to Arizona before her senior year, he still kept in touch with Shauntierah and was a huge part of her success. Thank you Garry!!

Meghan DeCarlo

Head Coach, Garfield HS Girls Track & Field

Athlete: Shauntierah Douglas

Garfield, New Jersey, USA

July 2012

I started working with Garry in 2011 during his time in New Jersey. SInce then we have continued to work together through his online coaching program since I am in Kansas and he now lives in Arizona. When I first came to him I had some very poor technical habits which he instantly began to break down. Each week I video each of my throwing sessions and send them to Garry. He then gives me a list of areas which I am developing well in and specific areas that I need to improve on. He uses  video and photographic references to demonstrate technique and guide my development. I wanted Garry's keen eye and superior knowledge of the event to be a big part of my training here in Kansas with my local coach (John Oshel)  and his online coaching program has been a big part of my recent return to 70+ meter forum. 

Iain Trimble

Former NFHS Record Holder

Kansas USA  June 2012